Win-Sum League Competition17th April.

On Wednesday 17th April the club held its 2nd Win-Sum League competitiom held on Avon Beach and 15 club members took part. The weather was again perfect with a slight easterly wind, but sadly the fishing was slow, and what fish were caught consisted of whiting, conger eel, pouting, bass and rockling.
The best flat fish pool was not won so this is a double rollover on the next competition. The best round fish pool was won with a conger eel of 63cm caught by Chris Ellis. Only edible fish are retained. All other fish are gently measured and returned to the sea straight away.
Zone 1.
1st Luke Woodford 182cm, 2nd Malcolm Stote 81cm, 3rd Ben Daniel 70cm, 4th Mark Duncan 64cm, 5th Glyn Savin 28cm, 6th Paul Watson 24cm,
7th Pete Chamberlain 21cm.
Zone 2.
1st Chris Ellis 128cm, 2nd Colin Saunders 59cm, 3rd Andrew Dawkins 27cm, 4th John Sloper 22cm.
Win-Sum League Competition 20th March.
On Wednesday evening 20th March the club held its first Win-Sum League competition of 2019. This was fished at Hordle Cliffs in which 14 club members took part. The weather for the evening was just perfect warm, with calmwinds, but sadly the fish were few and far between.
Fish that were caught included smoothhound, pouting, whiting and rockling. The largest round fish pool was won with a smoothhound of 39cm by Pete Chamberlain. No flat fish were weighed in so this pool was not won.
Zone 1.
1st John Tharme 64cm, 2nd Garry Mann 60cm, 3rd Luke Woodford 52cm, 4th Gavin Sloper 23cm, 5th Chris Ellis 22cm.
Zone 2.
1st Andrew Dawkins 67cm, 2nd Malcolm Stote 64cm, 3rd Pete Chamberlain 44cm, 4th John Sloper 26cm, 5th Michael Dawkins 20cm.
Only edible fish are retained. All other fish are measured and gently released straight away.

Win-Sum Presentation Evening.

On Friday 7th December the Win-Sum League held its presentation evening at the Clubhouse, during which anglers recived their trophies and cash winnings from both legue and competition matches.
Fishing this year proved much more difficult than in previous years. 27 anglers took part in the league competitions fishing in 3 zones on each competition. At the halfway point there was a constant battle for top spot between 7 anglers.
After the presentations and meal a raffle completed the evening. Many thanks go to Terry and Phylis Kempton for running the bar, Garry Mann for the bait packs and Alec harmer for his photography on the evening.
Thanks also go to all the anglers for their participation and support.
The final 1st to 10th positions for the 2018 competitions.
1st Gavin Sloper 13pts, 2nd Ian Dancey 15pts, 3rd Ben Daniel 19pts, 4th Paul watson 20pts, 5th Chris Ellis 21pts, 6th John Sloper 28pts,
7th Malcolm Stote 33pts, 8th Jamie Munden 35pts, 9th Ollie Hopkins 35pts, 10th Glyn Savin 35pts.

Paul Watson 1
Gavin Sloper.