Win-Sum League.

Organised by Colin Saunders.  Contact Colin on 07802 511522.


Adult Win-Sum League Competition 11th March.

     On Wednesday evening the 11th March the club held it's 1st competition of 2020 at Calshot.

1st Paul Watson 281pts,  2nd Glyn Savin 256pts,  3rd Chris Ellis 60pts,  4th Colin Saunders 57pts,  5th Pete Chamberlain 53pts,  

6th Luke Woodford 48pts.

The longest round fish pool of £6.00 was won by Paul Watson with a dogfish of 59cm.

The longest flat fish pool was not won so is a rollover of £6.00 to the next competition.

Adult Win-Sum League Competition 22nd July.

     On Wednesday evening the 22nd July the club held it's 2nd Competition at Southbourne.

1st Chris Ellis 860pts,  2nd Ben Daniel 758pts,  3rd Luke Woodford 518pts,  4thPaul Watson 482pts,  

5th Pete Chamberlain 302pts,  6th Marc Duncan 111pts.

The longest round fish pool of £6.00 was won by Ben Daniel with a scad of 39cm.  The longest flat fish pool of £12.00 was won by Chris Ellis with a sole of 30cm.

Adult Wi-Sum League Competition 19th August.

     On Wednesday evening the 19th August the club held it's 3rd competition which was held on Lymington Sea Wall.

1st Ben Daniel 541pts,  2nd Luke Woodford 449pts,  3rd Billy King 397pts,  4th Chris Ellis 365pts,  5th Paul Watson 264pts,  6th Colin Saunders 216pts, 7th Marc Duncan 166pts.

The longest round fish pool of £7.00 was won by Ben Daniel with an eel of 55cm.  The longest flat fish pool was not won so the £7.00 is a rollover till the next competition.

Adult Win-Sum League Competition 16th September.

     On Wednesday evening the 16th September the club held a Win-Sum League competition at Warren Edge, Southbourne in absolutely perfect conditions, a really good evening.  Eight  club members signed on and five caught fish consisting of scad, sole, plaice, smoothhound and blonde ray.  As this is a measure and  return competition eighteen fish were caught and measured for a total length of 556cm.  All fish are measured and returned immediately to the sea.

     The longest round fish pool went to Ben Daniel with a smoothhound of 52cm.  The longest flat fish pool was also won by Ben with a plaice of 29cm.


1st Ben Daniel 218cm,  2nd Chris Ellis 141cm,  3rd Billy King 78cm,  4th Paul Watson 77cm,  

5th Pete Chamberlain 42cm.

Adult Win-Sum League Competition 14th October.

     On Wednesday evening 14th October the club held its monthly Adult Win-Sum League competition at Steamer Point.  The weather and sea conditions for the evening were both good and seven club members signed on.  All seven, weighed in fish consisting of whiting, pouting and eels.


1st Paul Watson 698cms, 2nd Pete Chamberlain 586cms, 3rd Ben Daniel 513cms, 4th Chris Ellis 428cms,

5thColin Saunders 264cms, 6th Billy King 235cms, 7th Luke Woodford 177cms.

The longest round fish was an eel of 58cm caught by Paul Watson.  The longest flat fish pool was not won.

As these competitions are run on a measured and returned basis all fish are gently returned to the sea after measuring.