Founded in 1936 and affiliated to the Angling Trust.

Friday Nights are Tackle Nights Reports.

Tackle Evening 25th October.

What a marvellous evening.
On Friday 25th October the club held its monthly tackle evening which was a filleting evening with Steve Monckton. With thirty club members and some new faces attending it was one of the best with loads of information on filleting fish from Steve. The nice surprise was having the fish cooked so members could try the fish that were filleted. Jackie Saunders did a fantastic job cooking all the varieties of fish from pouting, plaice, black bream, skate, john dory and smoothhound.
After the break Robin did his marvellous draw before a little more filleting and more cooking from Jackie to end the evening on a wonderful high.
I would like to thank Steve Monckton for a very informative evening and Jackie Saunders for doing a fantastic job cooking the fish for us all to try and Robin for organising the draw and the whole evening. THANK YOU.

Tackle Evening 27th September.

On Friday evening 27th September the club held its monthly tackle evening in which this evening we had 2 very different subjects to cover. Not only was it the Match League Presentation Evening but we also were honoured to listen to Steve Batchelor talking about balancing the whole rod from the reel down to the rigs. Most anglers use a braid which is too heavy and should use smaller swivels. Steve also recommends usi tubertini Evo line. Steve also talked about filling up the reel so there is less drag when casting and what gear to take on a boat. Most anglers carry too much gear and too many rods. I felt that this evening was an excellent talk. The items Steve covered were too many to put into print.
We then went onto the presentation for the Vernon Everitt Match Boat League which over the years is getting better and better. If any angler would like to try this kind of fishing please get in touch with Robin Lane on 07876 471901.
This was a very enjoyable evening. I spoke to Terry Kempton when we were washing up and he also said that balancing your rod made sence and he was speaking as a shore angler.
Thank you, Steve and also a big thank you to Robin Lane for organising the draw and the evening.

Richard Day and Vernon
Arran,Vernon and Robin
Ed and Vernon.
Chris Ellis and Vernon

Tackle Evening Friday 2nd August.

This tackle evening was not the evening that was planned so Robin Lane stepped in and gave a very enjoyable talk to the 14 club members who attended. He started the evening by loading on a shock leader which one member wanted put onto his reel. Then Robin pointed out that many anglers waste time by opening packets of brought rigs on the boat. It is much easier to open them beforehand and hangthem in a garage for a few days with weights on to straighten them out. Finally, there was a discussion about how to tie spaded hooks, followed by hook sizes in general and all other aspects of angling. The draw then followed.
A big thank you to Robin for stepping in and making it an interesting evening.

Tackle Evening 12th July 2019 with Tom Bagnall.

16 club members turned up for a very good evening's talk in which half was through all went fishingdown on the slipway. The evening started with Tom talking about our 2 squid nights being held later in the year. What gear to take etc. He did emphasize that everyone should bring a bucket and a towel.
Then he started talking about fishing for mullet spinning using spoons etc. That was when someone suggested trying it out on the slipway. Well that said the club house emptied and all most everyone went to the slip to try spinning and a few checker bass were caught.
When they returned back to the club house the draw was held and then Tom talked about what new tackle had come out from hooks to line. He especially talked about some new hooks called rotaters. Tom showed use how to use these and a little discussion followed talking about Eagle Glaw lazere sharp rotating hooks. All in all, a very enjoyable evening.
So, a big thank you to Tom Bagnall from Christchurch Angling Centre for giving up his time and making it a very good evening. Also, thanks to Robin Lane for organizing the evening.

Tackle Evening 28th June 2019 with Steve Monckton.
On Friday 28th June the club organised a tackle evening in which Steve Monckton, who is a fantastic filleter came in to show the 15 club members the good and bad points of filleting fish. As it was a very hot evening it was decided to hold it outside in front of the clubhouse so all members could sit around or stand on the veranda and look down. Steve started off with a plaice showing us a cross way so you had 2 fillets instead of 4. Steve brought a varity of fish with ranging from plaice, black bream, gilt head bream, sole, skate, gurnard and smoothhound. On Steve's filleting nights he like club members to have a go, which makes Robin Lane's heart miss many beats because he has to fill out the risk assement forms. So, Rod Saunders got up and showed us he could skin a skate which is by no means as easy asit looks. Then Tim Clark said he never descaled black bream; he just took the skin off. Well that was like a red rag to a bull and he was to show us how that was done. I must say he did a fantastic job to every one's delight. Again, a very enjoyable evening and once again thanks to Steve Monckton for giving up his time and organising the fish and to Robin Lane for doing the draw etc.