Founded in 1936 and affiliated to the Angling Trust.

Friday Nights are Tackle Nights Reports.

Tackle evening report from Friday 28th September.

This was a very though provoking evening and a very enjoyable one as well. Tom Bagnall from Christchurch Angling Centre came to give a talk and demonstration on gluing rigs. He started the talk by giving a very informative insight into the uses of glued rigs, the pros and cons of glued rigs and the dos and don'ts.
He then proceeded to give every one there a one to one, showing how to glue, and move beads onto glued areas of the line etc. I found this a very informative and useful evening, especially as all the members were able to try out the glueing process for them selves.
At the end of the evening Robin did his usual end of evening draw and thanks to clubmembers who provided prizes as well. But thanks mostly go to Tom Bagnall for showing us and giving up his time to make it an excellent evening. Thank you Tom.

Fishing the Chesil. A talk by Barry Cooper. 31st August 2018.

Our culb is very fortunate in having members willing to put themselves out to impart their knowledge and experience to others. It is a pity sometimes that their fellow members do not reciprocate by attending these events. Only a dozen (mainly boat anglers) members turned up to hear veteran member Barry Cooper, who had travelled all the way from Salisbury, to talk about his shore fishing experience on Chesil Beach, in Dorset. Those club members who might in the future fish this iconic stretch of coast would have learned how to safely 'read' the beach, so preventing a potenially enjoyable trip turning into one that could easily result in loss of all their tackle and possibly their lives.
Barry discussed his choice of tackle and rigs and techniques for some of the better known venues and features along the Chesil and the fish species to be found at them. He urged members not to use the bins put up for discarded line, but to either take it home and burn it, or take it to a local tackle shop instead. He explained that the anti-fishing brigade were removing it from these bins and then photographing it with other litter for their own political agenda purposes. To lessen the risk of lost line in the first place, strong knots were important. Together with Chris Clark he demonstrated the Bimini Twist knot a super strong knot for joining the leader to the main line.
A big thank you to Barry for a very informative talk and an enjoyable evening, and to Robin Lane, who as usual put up a good raffle, with several prizes donated by those present. Thanks guys!

Tackle Evening Report for 27th July.

On Friday evening the 27th July the club held a Tackle Evening and the subject for the night was a talk by Tom Bagnall from Christchurch Angling Centre on summer rigs etc.
20 plus members attended what turned into an excellent evening with Tom talking about pop ups, rigs and all aspects of rig making. After the break and the draw Tom did a very good question and answer session. Some of the questions asked were about glueing rigs which turned into a very informative talk on this aspect of rig making. As a result Tom has agreed to do a Tackle Evening in the very near future on this aspect of rig making. So please keep checking your newsletters for more details on this subject.
I would like to thank Tom on behalf of the club for an excellent evening and look forward to getting all glued up.

Friday Night is Tackle Night 15th June.

On Friday 15th June the club held a Friday Night is Tackle Night with a talk by Vernon Everitt on up-tiding from boats. With twenty club members present Vernon gave us a very good and constructive insight into up-tiding: how it should done and why. There was also a good question and answer at the end.
After the break Malcolm Stote gave a talk, a little bit about up-tiding from the shore and then talked about how things have changed regarding, size, strength of swivels etc. He also had a good selection of gear on show.
I would like to thank Vernon on the club's behalf for a great talk on up-tiding and Malcolm for his talkas well, showing us how things have changed. It was certainly an eye opener.
Our next Friday Night is Tackle Night is on Friday 27th July and the evening will be with Tom Bagnall fron Christchurch Angling Centre on summer rigs.

Friday Night is Tackle Night 18th May.

On Friday evening 18th May the club hel a Friday Night is Tackle Night in which the subject was wreck fishing with Steve Batchelor. 20 plus club members turned up for a very informative evening. Steve started his talk stating that wreck fishing is a massive subject to talk about as drift fishing changes from port to port. He also talked about shads, jelly worms, soft tips, weights and rods etc. He did emphasize that a slow retrieve is best to catch good pollack.
On his table he had all sorts of perks, hooks etc for us to look at in the interval.(see photos)
After a short break he talked about anchoring next to a wreck and fishing for ling, conger and turbot. He also talked on Icelandic fishing for cod of 20lbs plus. This report does not reall do justice to Steve's talk. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains every thing in great detail. On behalf of the club I would like to thank Steve for an excellent and very informative evening.