1st Shore Competition 15th December.

     On Sunday 15th December the club held its fisrt shore competition which was a Christmas rover.  The weather was not at its best with a strong south-westerly wind, rain and sunshine - a real mix up of a day.  But eleven club members signed on and nine weighed in fish consisting of bass, whiting and pouting.  A total of 78 fish were measured and released immediately for a total weight of 45lbs 14 3/8ozs.

     The best fish of the competition was a nice bass of 63cm 5lb 8ozs caught by Terry Kempton.  Best flat fish and specimen fish pools are rollovers to the next competition to the sum of £38.00 each pool.


1st Terry Kempton 10lbs 3.11ozs, 2nd Ben Daniel 8lb 10 7/8ozs, 3rd Paul Watson 6lb 3ozs, 4th Andy Hopkins 6lb 0 1/2oz,

5th Danny Panks 4lb 12 1/8ozs, 6th Keith Panks 3lb 6ozs, 7th Billy King 2lb 14 1/8ozs, 8th Pete Tomkins 2lb 8 3/8ozs, 9th Ed Taylor 1lb 6 3/8ozs.

Only edible fish are retained.

Shore Competitions and Results 2019/20.  

Organised by Roland Blomfield.  Telephone  01590-683363.




2nd Shore Competition 25th January.

     On Saturday 25th January the club held its 2nd shore competition at Sandbanks, Poole Harbour.  With a strong south-westerly wind blowing the six club anglers who fished the competition found it a little uncomfortable at times.  Ten fish were caught for a total weight of 9lb 15.50ozs and consisted of flounders, pouting and whiting.  On these competitions only edible fish are retained.  All others are weighed and released immediately.  The best fish of the evening was a flounder weighing 2lb 3.25ozs which was also the best specimen of the evening and caught by Roland Blomfield.


1st Roland Blomfield 4 fish 4lb 10.75ozs,  2nd Andy Hopkins 3 fish 3lb 9.25ozs,  

3rd Malcolm Stote 2 fish 1lb 0.25ozs,  4th Terry Kempton 1 fish 0lb 11.25ozs.

Roland flounder

3rd Shore Competition 8th February.

     On Saturday evening 8th February the club held its 3rd shore competition at Hythe Marina.  This was a changed venue because of the wind which was a very strong south westerly so we could not  fish at Avon Beach.

     Six club members fished catching 11 fish for a total weight of 7lb 13.2ozs and consisted of flounder, dogfish, pouting and whiting.  The best round fish of the evening was a dogfish of 1lb 12.4ozs caught by Roland Blomfield.  The best flat fish was a flounder of 7.4ozs caught by Malcolm Stote.  No specimen fish was caught so this pool is a  rollover until the next competition.

Only edible fish are retained.  All other fish are weighed and released immediately.


1st Malcolm Stote 5 fish 4lb 14.4ozs, 2nd Roland Blomfield 2 fish 2lb 3.6ozs,

3rd Ben daniel 2 fish 0lb 6.6ozs, 4th Stephen Pitman 2 fish 0lb 5.2ozs.

Terry Kempton and Andy Hopkins both blanked.

Roland - Copy

4th Shore Competition 6th March.

     On Saturday evening 6th March the club held its 4th shore competition at Friars Cliff, Highcliffe.  With a north-westerly wind blowing eleven club members signed on and seven weighed in fish consisting of dogfish, pouting, thornback and undulate rays.  21 fish were weighed in for a total weight of 30lbs 9.4ozs.

The best round fish of the evening was an undulate ray weighing in at 9lb 12ozs caught by Malcolm Stote.  The best specimen fish was a thornback ray of 8lb 12ozs caught by Ben Daniel.


1st Malcom Stote 2 fish 10lbs, 2nd Ben Daniel 2 fish 9lb 3ozs, 3rd Daniel Panks 6 fish 7lb 7ozs, 4th Stephen Pitman 2 fish 1lb 7-7/8ozs,

5th Terry Kempton 2 fish 1lb 2.2ozs, 6th Pete Tomkins 4 fish 13.6ozs, 7th Andy Hopkins 2 fish 5.2ozs.

Roland Blomfield, Chris Ellis, Luke Woodford and Keith Panks all caught nothing.

Flat fish pool of £11.00 is a roll-over till the next competition.

Hooray.  We can do it again.

8th Shore competition held on Saturday 4th July.

     On Saturday evening the 4th July the club held it's first competition since the lockdown was lifted, which was it's 8th shore competition held at Sandbanks, Poole.  This was a changed venue from Southbourne due to a very strong south-westerly wind.

     Seven club members signed on but sadly due to weather conditions only two managed to weigh in fish which consisted of bream, plaice and sole.  Four fish in total for a weight of 2lb 8-5/8oz.

The best round fish of the evening went to Ben Daniel with a bream of 10oz.

The best flat fish went to malcolm stote with a plaice of 1lb 1/8oz.

1st Malcolm Stote with 3 fish for 1lb 14-5/8oz,  2nd Ben Daniel 1 fish for 10oz.

All the fish are weighed immediately and gently replaced back into the sea and only edible fish are retained.

Best Specimen pool of £7-00 is a rollover till the next competition.