Final Placings for the 2016/17 Shore Competitions.

1st Colin Saunders 433pts, 2nd Danny Panks 300pts, 3rd Paul Watson 240pts, 4th Roland Blomfield 230pts, 5th Rhys Hayward 200pts,
6th Keith Panks 195pts.
Top Junior. Flora Munden 175pts.

Glen Short wins the 3rd Match.

On Saturday 17th February we held our 3rd competition at Avon Beach. The weather on the day was dry with a light wind. 14 club members signed on and 12 weighed in fish consisting of whiting, pouting and rockling. 33 fish were caught for a total weight of 9lb 15.2oz. The best round fish was a whiting of 10.4oz caught by Malcolm Stote. Best flat fish. As no fish were weighed in this pool is a rollover till the next competition. No specimen fish was weighed in so this pool is also a rollover till the next competition. Top Junior was Flora Munden with 6.8oz.
1st Glen Short 8 fish = 2lb 9.4oz, 2nd Malcolm Stote 4 fish = 1lb 14.2oz, 3rd Paul Watson 4 fish = 1lb 4.8oz, 4th Roland Blomfield 3 fish = 12oz,
5th John Tharme 2 fish = 8.8oz, 6th Danny Panks 2 fish = 7.8oz, 7th Pete Tomkins 2 fish = 7.6oz, 8th Denise Donaldson 2 fish = 7.6oz,
9th Bob Dore 2 fish = 7oz, 10th Flora Munden (jnr) 2 fish = 6.8oz. Only edible fish arer retained, all other fish are weighed and released on the beach.
Roland has a good win.
On Saturday evening 20th January we held our 2nd competition at Sandbanks, Poole Harbour. The weather for the evening was dry and with a decreasing wind. 14 anglers signed on and 8 weighed in 15 fish for a total weight of 9lb 10.4oz. Fish caught consisted of sole, whiting and flounders.
The best round fish was a whiting of 7.8oz caught by Alec Harmer. The best flat fish was a flounder of 1lb 5.8oz caught by Roland Blomfield. Top junior was Flora Munden with 2 flounders for 2lb 1.2oz. As there were no specimen fish caught on this competition the pool for best specimen is a roll over to the next competition.
1st Roland Blomfield 3 flounders 3lb 5.8oz, 2nd Flora Munden(jnr) 2 flounders 2lb 1.2oz, 3rd Jamie Munden (dad) 2 flounders 1lb 9oz, 4th Alec Harmer 1 sole, 2 whiting 1lb 4oz, 5th Max Munden (jnr) 1 flounder 12.4oz, 6th Glenn Short 2 whiting 10.6oz, 7th John Therme 1 flounder 10oz, 8th Terry Kempton 1 flounder 7.4oz. Only edible fish are retained. All others were weighed on the shore and released.
Paul Watson's Christmas came Early.
On Sunday 17th December we held are 1st shore competition for 2018 which was the Christmas Fayre Rover. The weather started off dry but became wet during the afternoon. 13 club members signed on and 8 weighted in fish consisting of whiting and pouting. The total number of fish caught was 92 for a total weight of 34lbs 8oz.
Optional pool for best round fish was a whiting of 13.8oz caught by Paul Watson. Optional pool for best flat fish. No flat fish were caught si it is a rollover.
Pool for best specimen is a triple rollover as no specimen fish were caught. Top junior was Leo Chamberlain with 2lb 0.4oz.
1st Paul Watson 16lbs 6.2oz with 35 whiting and 7 pouting. 2nd John Tharme 8lb 9.6oz with 22 whiting, 3rd Roland Blomfield 2lb 7oz with 5 whiting and 3 pouting, 4th Malcolm Stote 2lb 1.6oz with 4 whiting, 5th Leo Chamberlain (jnr) 2lb 0.4oz with 4 whiting and 1 pouting, 6th Danny Panks 1lb 12.2oz with 3 whiting and 4 pouting, 7th Keith Panks 15.4oz with 1 whiting and 1 pouting, 8th Pete Tomkins 3.6oz with 1 pouting. All fish were measured and released.