Shingle Bank league final placings for 2020.

1st Malcolm Stote 61lbs 4-1oz, 2nd Chris Ellis 28lbs 1-9oz, 3rd Steve Pitman 27lbs 8-6oz, 4th Ben Daniel 26lbs 5-3oz, 5th Tom Bagnall 25lbs 11-3oz,

6th Ollie Hopkins 25lbs 7oz, 7th Billy King 22lbs 1-4oz, 8th Andy Hopkins 13lbs 3-4oz, 9th Paul Watson 12lbs 12-4oz, 10th Keith Panks 12lbs 2oz,

11th Danny Panks 11lbs 13-4oz, 12th Paul Dibden 8lb 14-1oz, 13th Luke Woodford 7lb 13-7oz, 14th Roland Blomfield 4lb 14oz, 15th Ed Taylor 4lb 0-1oz,

16th Dan Rose 3lb 2-6oz, 17th Andy Richmond 2lb 14oz, 18th Terry Kempton 1lb 11-4oz, 19th Pete Chamberlain 1lb 9-6oz, 20th Nelson Phillips 0lb 5-4oz.

Shingle Bank Competition Results for 2021.

Organised by Andy and Ollie Hopkins 01590-678597 and also Terry Kempton 01590-675088.


1st Competition 8th December.

     On Tuesday evening 8th December the club held its 1st Shingle Bank League competition.  The weather was cold with a south westerly breeze.  14 club members signed in and 12 weighed in fish consisting of pouting, whiting, dogfish and conger eels.  The best fish of the evening was a dogfish weighing in at 1lb 12-2oz caught by Pete Chambelain.  Only edible fish are retained.  All other fish are gently returned to the sea after weighing.


1st Pete Chamberlain (6 fish) 6lb 14-4oz,  2nd Andy Richmond (6 fish) 6lb 8-4oz,  3rd Tom Bagnall (5 fish) 6lb 5oz,  4th malcolm Stote (5 fish) 5lb0-8oz,

5th Roland Blomfield (4 fish) 4lb 8-2oz,  6th Steve Pitman (4 fish) 3lb 12-8oz,  7th Paul Dibden (3 fish) 3lb 11-8oz,  8th Tony Power (2 fish) 2lb 12-6oz,  

9th Andy Hopkins (3 fish) 1lb 11-8oz,  10th Paul Watson (1 fish) 1lb 3-4oz.