Shallow Boat Competition 14th April 2019.
On Sunday 14th April on a dry, sunny day with a very coldmoderate breeze we held our 2nd ShallowBoat competition. In which six club mmbers took part and fish caught included dogfish, whiting, black bream and plaice. 20 fish in total were weighed for a total weight of 25lbs 11oz. The heaviest fish a black bream if 1lb 4.6oz whichwas 37.5% of specimen weight caught by Brian Ansell.
Only edible fish are retained. All other fish are measured, a weight given and then gently released.
1st Adrian Moody 4 fish5lb 10.4oz, 2nd BrianAnsell 4 fish 5lb 1.4oz, 3rd Barry Littlefair 4 fish 4lb 15.2oz, 4th Denis Maped and Alan Martin both 3 fish for 4lb 8oz, 6th Derek Smith 2fish 3lb.

Shallow Boat Competition 24th March 2019.
On Sunday 24th March the club held it's first Shallow Boat competition of the year. Due to every weekend being windy since December this was the first chance for 10 club members to get out and have a good day's fishing. The weather was just great, sun shine with a light breeze and warm.
39 fish were caught consisting of dogfish, plaice, whiting and thornback rays for a total weight of 68lbs 2.6oz. The best fish of the competition was a plaice weighing in at 2lb 8.5oz caught by Phil Morgan.
1st Robert Miness 3 fish for 15lbs 9.6oz, 2nd Phil Morgan 5 fish for 14lbs 0.8oz, 3rd Adrian Moody 7 fish for 7lb 8.6oz, 4th Alan Martin 7 fish for 7lb 3.2oz,
5th Brian Ansell 4 fish for 6lb 13.6oz, 6th Barry Littlefair 5 fish for 5lb 8.4oz, 7th Derek Smith 4 fish for 5lb 6.4oz, 8th Denis Mapes 3 fish for 4lb 8oz,
9th Molly Moore 1 fish for 1lb 8oz, 10th John Keen Blanked.
Only edible fish are retained. All others are measured and released straight away.

We get over taken any where now a days.