Shallow Boats Competitions 2020.

Organised by: Brian Ansell 01590-672628.

Shallow Boat Competition 9th August.

Shallow Boat competition planed for Sunday 9th August has been cancelled due due to personal problems and boats being laid up.

Adrian 1

Adrian Moody with a 8lb smoothhound caught on the Shallow Boat competition and returned alive.

Shallow Boat Competition 13th September.

On Sunday 13th September the club held its 9th Shallow Boat competiition. It was to be a day of trials and tribulations. Due to the heavy swell one member of one boat became unwell so it was decided to return to shore. During the return the engine started to play up and it was a slow limp home.
The remaining boat had a much more successful day despite the difficult conditions.
1st Adrian Moody with 11 fish for 60pts, 2nd Alan Martin with 6 fish for 23pts. On these competitions all fish are returned alive to the sea and points awarded.