Shallow Boats Competitions 2020.

Organised by: Brian Ansell 01590-672628.

1st Shallow Boat Competition 8th December.

Competition cancelled due to high winds which where forecast.

2nd Shallow Boat Competition 5th January.

     On Sunday 5th January the club held its 2nd Shallow Boat competition for 2020.  Due to accidents and illness only four club members fished this competition.  The weather was not at its best either, with low cloud and drizzle all day and a large swell rolling in which made it very uncomfortable.  We now don't bring any fish back at all and the ones we catch are awarded points and then released straight away.  Fish caught included conger eel, dogfish, pouting and whiting.


1st Denis Mapes 91pts, 2nd Barry Littlefair 62pts, 3rd Derek Smith 24pts and 4th Brian Ansell 23pts.

Shallow Boat Presentation Evening.

     On Friday evening 24th January the Shallow Boat members held their prize presentation which was  attended by all the members who had fished the competitions.  It was a very enjoyable evening with a delicious buffet provided by Sue Moody.  It was also good to see Georgie there after her illness.  We paid out to 1st Barry Littlefair, 2nd Adrian Moody and 3rd Alan Martin which was on the actual fishing side of the competitions.  We also paid out on the best specimen fish of the whole year to Adrian Moody who had a black bream of 3lb 3.4ozs 91.7% of a specimen fish.

     In the coming year when we bring no fish back the sign are that this will be a very good idea juding by the first competition we have already held and we look forward to a very good year ahead.  New and old members are always welcome to join our Shallow Boat competitions.

Shallow Boats 1

7th Shallow Boat Competition 12th July 2020.

     This competition was cancelled weeks before due to the virus because then the social distancing could not be adhered to.  On Sunday a couple boats did go out because the distancing limit was lowered and the weather was good.  Both boats had a good day, sadly one better than the other.  It was also a shame that someshallow boat members are still in lockdown due to medical problems.

     Barry Littlefair and Denis Mapes dedided to go to the back of the island and had a good day but caught mostly congers.  Derek Smith and Brian Ansell decided to fish near North Head buoy and it was fish from start to finish, with black bream, bull huss, scad and dogfish all day.

     For the first time ever I managed to catch TWO fish before Derek which was one under size black bream and then a sizeable dogfish.  So still looking forward to the £1-00 for catching the 1st sizeable fish of the day Derek!!!

     It was such a joy to get out and have a good day's fishing after all the problems of recent mouths.  We felt so lucky compared to most people in these difficult times.

Shallow Boat Competition 9th August.

Shallow Boat competition planed for Sunday 9th August has been cancelled due due to personal problems and boats being laid up.

Shallow Boat Competition 13th September.

     On Sunday 13th September the club held its 9th Shallow Boat competiition.  It was  to be a day of trials and tribulations.  Due to the heavy swell one member of one boat became unwell so it was decided to return to shore.  During the return the engine started to play up and it was a slow limp home.

     The remaining boat had a much more successful day despite the difficult conditions.

1st Adrian Moody with 11 fish for 60pts, 2nd Alan Martin with 6 fish for 23pts.  On these competitions all fish are returned alive to the sea and points awarded.

Adrian 1

Adrian Moody with a 8lb smoothhound caught on the Shallow Boat competition and returned alive.