New Year Fishing Recreational Boat trip out of Poole.

On a cold, calm day eight club members boarded charter boat "Strongbow" out of Poole and headed to a mark six miles out. When the anchor was dropped most of the anglers were using 3 hooks below the weight as the tide was running quite strongly. However Andrew Foster decided to use feathers baited with mackerel which was successful pulling in a 11lbs 10oz pollack. Our rigs worked as well with Nelson Phillips catching a blonde ray 8lb 1oz, Harry Gray a spotted ray 4lb 4 3/8oz and Robin Lane a whiting 2lb 8oz. Many more fish were caught and it was a good day's fishing.

Recreational Boat trip out of Poole.

On Saturday 22nd december the club held a day recreational boat trip out of Poole aboard charter boat "Strongbow". Due to a strong westerly wind the six club members decided to stay inside Poole Harbour to fish for sizeable bass and flounders.
Sadly the strong wind restricted us asto where we could fish. Brownsea Island, evening Hill and a few other places were tried with very little luck only producing small bass which all went back. Robin Brooks finally caught a flounder of 1lb 3oz which was the only one on the day.

Evening recreational Solent boat trip.

On Wednesday evening the 12th December we held a recreational evening boat trip fishing the Solent only. Eight club members boarded charter boat "Voyager" to fish a marl west of Lymington.
With a strong south easterly wind Derek Smith managed to catch first, a nice bull huss followed by Chris Ellis with another bull huss. Chris also had the best catch of the evening a big rock weighing about 7lb. Other species of fish caught were whiting, pouting, conger and dogfish.
Our thanks to skipper Kevin Duell for making it an enjoyable evening.