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Recreational and Charter Boat Fishing Results 2017. organised by Robin Lane.

Arran had the fish that got away.

The club fished a recreational boat trip aboard "Last Laugh" skippered by John Skeggs on the 15th October. The initial plan was to head to the mid channel wrecks to fish for ling given the excellent neap tide. However, as with all the best laid plans it wasn't to be as the forecast had deteriorated over the preceding days, therefore3 a change of plan was agreed and saw John anchoring for rays on a bank several miles off the Isle of Wight.
Fishing the early part of the ebb tide initially provided sport for Daniel Rose who was able to christen a new rod and reel with a nice blonde ray. As the tide started to increase, Arran Harmer had a furious bite which when hooked ripped off across the tide and was completely unstoppable. Unfortunately after a few minutes it bit through the line and given the sheer power of the fish it was assumed to be a probeagle shark. Later the shark was sighted around the boat chasing angler's baits across the surface. Being around 8ft long and estimated around 250lb+ it was an iompressive sight indeed!
The rest of the ebb tide provided steady sport for anglers with numerous conger, blonde rays up to 16lbs 13oz, small eyed rays, dogfish, bass and tope being caught.
A short move at slack water was madeinshore to a gulley around the Needles in search of an early cod, which although not fruitful did provide some good sport with plenty of early season whiting the biggest weighing 2lb 2oz - caught by Vernon Everett. Overall, a very good day given the poor weather forecast.
report by Arran Harmer.
A good day and Brian Rose comes out on top.
On Saturday 16th September nine members boarded "Voyager" in Lymington, skippered by Kevin Duell. On a sunny calm day we headed for a 10 mile bank hoping to catch blonde rays. Robin Lane caught a blonde ray of 7lb 8oz. Brian Rose caught a bull huss of just over 10lbs. Brian Dawkins fishing with small baits managed to bring in a small red gurnard and a brill weighing 3lb 1oz. Cliff Williams caught a tope weighing 9lb. It was a very pleasant day with some good fish caught and made even better by the skipper who supplied tea and coffee and who even toasted our sandwiches.
Recreational Boat Trip 26th August.
On Saturday 26th August a recreational trip was organised with Kevin Sampson on "Wight Osprey". Unfortunately Kevin has now retired so we rebooked with Ben Matthews in his boat "Rebecca May".
Nine club members boarded at Lymington and headed for the Needles to find mackerel before going to Atherfield Bay looking for bass. Conditions were ideal - no wind and calm waters, but unfortunately only a few pout and a bull huss were caught.
We then went back to Freshwater Bay and all decided to fish with big baits. Soon Roy Epton had a bite and eventually brought in a small eyed ray. However in the meantime Anton Emblen brought in an amazing turbot weighing 20lbs.
The skipper kindly supplied us with tea, coffee, bacon rolls and hotdogs to complete an enjoyable day.
Chris Ellis gets a specimen mackerel.
On Sunday 16th July seven members headed for Weymouth, meeting up in the car park reserved for charter boat customers. While some of us walked to Wetherspoons for a full English breakfast, others went to find Lyle Stanford, the skipper of Supernova, our charter boat.
The weather looked good. The first plan was to catch mackerel for bait off Portland Bill and we successfully caught about 30. Twenty minutes later we arrived at our first stop over rough ground where a number of species can be caught. Soon Robin Lane brought in a nice thornback ray weighing 8lb 9oz. We also had a number of small congers and tope.
Then off we went to our next destination - a wreck. Lyle's advice was that some should use big baits, some use ragworm on a long trace for pollack and others use lures. This worked for Robin who immediately picked up a small bass. Then Chris Ellis using a long trace with mackerel strip on a 5/0 hook caught a specimen mackerel of 2lb 1oz. Karl Bates using a ragworm technique brought in a pollack of 7lb 15oz.
The big baits brought tope around the boat with Anton Emblem and Cliff Williams both catching one. Chris Ellis with his mackerel strip caught a number of bream, the biggest being 3lb 5oz, {also did Karl Bates and Roland Blomfield did}.
So ended a very enjoyable and successful Day.
Recreation trip - 2nd July Lymington.
It was another very pleasent day on the first Sunday of July to go Charter fishing aboard one of the club's regularly chartered boats "White Osprey" with kevin Sampson at the wheel. Eight boat anglers gathered early at Bath Road car park ready for a 7.45 am departure and once all the usual items were out of the way we were on our way down Lymington River and heading for a six mile bank south of the Needles.
It was noted that Roland Blomfield was wearing a rather smart new smock, dark blue in colour with the L&Dsfc badge and website address embossed on it. When asked where he had obtained it we were all told they will soon be available through the club at a reasonable price to members, so support your club and get one to wear with pride.
A mile or so past the Needles we tried for mackerel but to no avail so we pushed on to our mark. The tide was on the ebb and the offshore wind was making a reasonable swell which made the fishing condition tricky at times.
Once we had all settled into our fishing without a bit for awhile, Pete Hurley hooked into and was the first to catch the target species a blonde ray. Not long after Brian Dawkins caught the second of the day and a bonus black bream. The second target species on our list to be landed was tope caught by Nelson Philips and one also for Harry Gray.
As the tide started to ease Pete caught his second blonde ray of the day. as the tide slowed the doggies started to sniff around with several being caught around the boat. At this point the fishing died on this mark which was to be expected so a move to the Dolphin Bank was agreed.
As the tide started to move Brian caughty a smoothhound followed by Roland, Nelson, Brian and myself. Another bream was caught by Nelson but was returned straight away and Pete Drodge managed to hook some scad. About four mackerel were caught all day, so all in all a scratchy day's fishing but not a total right off.
Pete Hurley dogfish and 2 blonde rays {heaviest 6lb 13oz}, Brian Dawkins bream, dogfish and 1 blonde ray of 5lb 7oz, Nelson Philips bream, tope, dogfish and 1 smoothhound of 6lb 2oz, Harry Gray 1 tope and dogfish, Pete Drodge scad and dogfish, Roland Blomfield dogfish and 2 smoothhounds {heaviest 4lb 10oz}, Robin Lane dogfish, Robin brooks dogfish and 1 smoothhound of 4lb 15oz.
Report sent in by Robin Brooks.