Recreational Boat Fishing Results 2018. organised by Robin Lane.

Recreational Boat Trip 9th July.

On Monday 9th July we held a recreational boat trip aboard "Voyager" out from Lymington. This was a fishing trip for novices with some seasoned anglers to help during the day. 10 club members signed on and with no wind we ventured out to a 10 mile mark we knew where fish were more likly to be caught.
Fish caught included tope, smoothhounds, small eyed and blonde rays. ONLY EDIBLE FISH WERE RETAINED. ALL OTHER FISH WERE GENTLY RETURNED TO THE SEA.
Recreational Boat Trip 5th May.
On Saturday the 5th May we held a recreational boat trip aboard "Voyager" from Lymington. The plan was to try for plaice and early bream inshore and boy were members treated to a fantastic day weather and sport wise.
The first stop of the day was near Christchurch Ledge where a few drifts were made for the pollack which resulted in good numbers of fish topping 3lb. Following this an area near to Southbourne Rough was fished at Anchor and from the outset it was evident that the bream had arrived with single and double shots quickly coming up through the crystal clear water. Other fish included dogfish, and a thornback ray to Robin Brooks.
In an attempt to try and find some of the larger bream a move east onto Christchurch Ledge was made which unfortunately didn't prove fruitful and therefore a further move was made onto a deeper area of mixed ground. This resulted in more bream (with the majority being returned). Numerous dogfish, a nice smoothhound to Karl Bates and several nice plaice to Robin Lane.
Overall an excellent day was had by all with good numbers of fish coming all round the boat.
Recreational Boat Trip 11th April.
On Wednesday 11th April we held a recreational boat trip out of Lymington aboard "Rebecca May" skippered by Ben Matthews from the Isle of Wight. Nine club members boarded the boat from the pontoon in Bath Road and headed for the Shingle Bank 1 mile off Milford-on-Sea.
This recreational fishing trip was just a trip for new members, some of whom had not fished before, and some who just wanted to improve their fishing skills.
The plan was to fish on the Shingles for plaice and the weather played it's part with sunshine and a very light north easterly wind. Ben dropped anchor on one of his marks, a nice sandy spot.
The first fish caught was a nice thornback ray weighinh 8lb 8oz by Paul Ibberson-Groves on ragworm and squid. It wasn't long before Paul's rod bent again. This time a couple of plaice were caught the biggest weighing 2lb. Other catches of plaice followed. These included Brian Rose, whose best plaice weighed 1lb 10oz, Roy Eaton's weighing 1lb 5oz and Robin Lane's weighing 1lb 6oz. There were 15 plaice caught in total. Other species which were caught included Cliff Williams a pouting of 1lb 10oz, Robin Lane a spotted ray 3lb 3oz and some small smoothhounds.
Thanks goes to Ben for a good days fishing and keeping us all supplied with tea and coffee. Only edible fish were retained. All other fish were released.

Recreational Boat Trip 28th March.
Due to the heavy rain which was forecast 8 club members agreed on a late start before boarding club member Dick Peckham's charter boat " Strongbow" out of Poole Harbour for a day's recreational fishing.
The weather had improved but with a cold wind and rain in the air as we left Poole Harbour we made our way east to drft off Southbourne for our target fish which was plaice. With an array of coloured beads, sequins and all things shiny, rigs were soon baited with ragworm and sent to find the fish.
Straight away the first "fish on" but it turned out to be a whiting, followed by another for Pete Drodge. No plaice so Dick moved to a spot between th piers, where Miles managed to catch a couple of plaice. Another move to just outside the harbour saw two more plaice for miles with the largest being 11oz and one for Pete and Paul Wilson and an unexpected bass for Paul Ibberson-Groves. On then to anchor on a bank hoping for some better sized fish, and Pete caught a turbot. With the wind and tide making it a hard but enjoyable day's fishing we returned to harbour. Thanks go to Robin Lane for rescheduling the trip and to Dick Peckham for fitting us in.
Catch & Release record broken twice in one day.
On Friday 16th February we held a recreational charter boat trip aboard Dick Peckham's boat "Strongbow" out of Poole. It was a cold, frosty and sunny morning with lightwinds and 5 club members hoped to have a good day's fishing.
The first spot started of well with a number of pouting and dogfish coming aboard. After a couple of hours we moved 3 miles out to a deep mark just by a wreck hoping for big fish.
Soon after dropping anchor paul Ibberson-Groves was into a big spurdog which sadly he lost. Then Dick caught a good size spurdog which when landed weighed 19lbs 10oz and broke the catch and release record. Malcolm Stote landed a double shot of a whiting and a thornback ray of 8lb 7.5oz. Then Roland Blomfield caught a spurdog weighing 21lbs 5oz which was a new catch and releas record. As the tide turned catches of whiting, dogfish and conger eels of 20lbs plus were being caught.
When the tide started to run Roland Blomfield caught an undulate ray of 14lbs 2oz. We then moved closer inshore to a ray mark off Old Harry's rock's. The first fish aboard was a plaice of 1lb13oz caught by Roland. Then Dick Peckham caught a blonde ray of 4lb 8oz and Paul a small eyed ray of 7lb 1oz.
There is a photo of a rock which at one point was a spurdog then it was a ray. Dick was ready with the net but alas it was still skillfully landed by Roland. It may not feature in his report but I think it is worth a mention. {And he didn't report it} It made us laugh any way so we nicknamed it Rolly's Rock.
On the day 11 different species were caught spurdogs, undulate rays, small eyed rays, blonde rays, thornback rays, conger eels, dogfish, whiting, smoothhound and plaice. ONLY EDIBLE FISH WERE RETAINED. ALL OTHERS WERE PUT BACK INTO THE SEA.
Recreational Boat Trip 28th January.
On Sunday 28th January we held a recreational boat trip out of Poole aboard Dick Peckham's boat " Strongbow". 8 club members braved the weather which was a strong westerly wind gusting up to 25 miles an hour. Dick decided to head for a mark one mile out in Poole Bay which was in a sheltered spot by the Purbeck and dropped anchoe on a sand bar.
Before Dick could put the kettle on Paul Wilson(a new member) caught a small eyed ray weighing 4lb 13oz and straight after that all the others were catching rays. Then Paul Hollyoake surprised us all by catching a tub gurnard of 1lb 1oz and the surprises carried on coming with Robin Lane first catching a garfish of 13.5oz on a prawn bait and then a blonde ray of 16lbs on squid. All in all some 14 rays were caught.
Other good fish were a small eyed ray of 3lb4oz caught by Chris Ellis and a small eyed ray of 5lb caught by Paul Hollyoake. By then the light was fading and Dick finnally got the kettle on before heading back to port. Fish caught consisted of dogfish, garfish, gurnard, whiting, small eyed rays and blonde rays.
Only edible fish were retained. All other fish were put back into the sea.
Recreational Boat Trip 14th January.
On Sunday 14th January we held a recreational boat trip out of Poole aboard Dick Peckham's boat "Strongbow". 8 club members fished the competition. The weather started off with an east wind dropping down to a very light breeze. Fish caught cons isted of whiting, small eyed rays, pouting, conger eels and pollack.
We left harbour about 8.30 a.m. and headed to a mark about 6 miles out on a nice sandy spot and caught plenty of whiting, the largest being 3lb 8oz caught by Roland Blomfield. We then moved to a mark for rough ground where we caught rays, pollack, conger eels, whiting and pouting.
Notable fish caught were Dick Peckham a pollack 5lb 13oz, Robin Lane a small eyed ray 6lb 1oz and a whiting of 2lb 8oz, Pete Drodge and Nelson Phillips a whiting of 1lb 12oz and Ray Eaton a pouting of 1lb 3oz.