Recreational Charter Boat Fishing Trips 2020 page 4.

Robin Lane. Robin Lane 1 Chris Ellis. Brian Dawkins.

Recreational Fishing Trip 9th August.

     On Sunday 9th August the held a weekend recreational fishing trip aboard "Supanova" outof Weymouth skippered by Lyle Stantford.  Leaving port on a fine sunny day with light winds we past Portland Bill looking for bait fish mackerel, which we found and good size fish caught.  Target fish for the day were big bream, so Lyle headed for an inshore wreck where he knew there would be pollack, bream and conger so it was a day of bottom fishing with big baits.

     Lyle dropped anchor with the wreck directly behind the boat so we could trot our baits back to the wreck.  It wasn't long before Chris Ellis brought in a nice black bream weighing in at 3lb 5oz which he returned to the sea.  Soon we were all catching bream around the 3lb mark which were al returned alive.

     harry Gray decided to fish big for conger eels and brought one to the boat.  Lyle estimated it to be around the 40lbs plus mark before it was released by the side of the boat.  Some nice pollack were also caught, but the best fish of the day was a black bream weighing in at 4lb 2 3/8oz caught by Robin Lane.  Thanks go to Lyle Stantford for making it a good day's fishing.

Robin Lane 1 23rd July. Robin Lane. 23rd July.

Recreational Fishing Trip 23rd July.

     The Club held a recreational fishing on Tuesday 23rd July out of Poole aboard "Strongbow" skippered by Dick Peckham.  Five club members went out looking for mackerel out-side the harbour between a number of ocean liners anchored in Poole Bay.

     Skipper Dick had an idea that there were bass at a mark called Southbounre Rough.  We dropped anchor and fished for a number of hours where some species were caught including small congers, dogfish and bream but sadly no bass.

     The wind picked up and we headed back into the harbour where we could drift for plaice, having better success with a number of Tub gurnard, brill and some good size plaice.  The best was a plaice of 2lb 3oz caught by Paul Ibberson-Grove.  

Robin Lane.

Robin Lane.