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Recreational fishing trip 5th January.

     On Sunday 5th January the club held a recreational fishing trip out of Lymington aboard charter boat "Voyager" skippered by Kevin Duell and crew member Nev.  With light winds and a neap tide we headed out to a six-mile mark past the Needles lighthouse where Kevin dropped anchor.  The plan for the ten club members was big baits, hoping for spurdog, rays and that elusive fish the COD but in reality, all we had was conger, conger and more conger of all sizes with Malcolm Gerrish having one of the biggest weighing 27lbs 8ozs.

     After a few hours it was suggested we move to the "Spoils" where hopefully we could get whiting.  Sadly, conger still dominated with whiting, pouting and dogfish also coming aboard.  Robin Lane caught a thornback ray weighing 7lb 11ozs.  Unfortunately, the weather deteriorated and with a very big swell Kevin called time and headed home.  Thank you to Kevin and Nev for all their help and a good day's fishing.

Pete Drodge 5th Jan. - Copy Malcolm  Gerrish 5th Jan. - Copy Robin Lane 5th Jan. - Copy Robin Lane 5th Jan. (2) - Copy

Recreational week-end fishing trip 19th January.

     Sunday January 19th six club members left from Poole Quay aboard charter boat "Mistress Linda" skippered by Phil Higgins.  With the sun just rising and a cold start to the day but with the wind finally ropping we headed for our first stop of the day in search of the elusive cod but more likely whiting and conger.  A bank out of the harbour was to be our first stop and the first of the whiting were soon coming aboard followed by conger, pouting and dogfish.

     A short move to another bank proved to be worthwhile with a good showing of rays being caught, the best going to Arran Harmer and Chris Ellis who also managed a smooth hound.

     Finally, it was decided to try drifting several areas closer in just to see what might be about and this again proved a good move with an early plaice caught by Ben Daniel followed by grey and tub gurnard, and a bonus octopus for Malcolm Gerrish.  Thanks to Phil and his crewman for a good day's fishing and his usual hospitality of hot  drinks and hotdogs.

Ben Daniel 2. Ben Daniel 1 Chris Ellis.

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Recreational fishing trip 31st December.    

     On Tuesday 31st December six club members boarded charter boat "Strongbow" out of Poole skippered by Dick Peckham.  With a strong south easterly wind blowing it was the skipper's suggestion that we look outside the harbour and see what the conditions were like before making a decision where to fish.  It was a bit choppy but was possible to fish outside so we went to an eight-mile mark hoping to find our target fish whiting.  When we dropped anchor, Malcolm Stote was the first to catch whiting of about 1 1/2lb mark.  His best of the day was one of 3lb 1oz.  The rest of us were slowly catching up with Malcolm with the odd conger eel as well.  Robin Lane managed a small eyed ray weighing 4lb 11ozs.

     After a number of hours, the weather worsened so we headed back to harbour for calmer conditions hoping to fish for flounder but with no success.  These recreational trips are for the anglers who wish to fish without the pressure of competition rules etc.  They are also for anglers to learn from the more experienced anglers on these trips.  If anyone is interested in joining these trips contact Robin Lane on 07876 471901.  A big thank you to Dick for a good day's fishing.


M.Stote 31st Dec. Robin Lane 31st Dec.