Andy Hopkins
Toby White

Cod Open.

On Sunday 4th November we held are annual codopen competition which is kindly sponsored by Loni's Angling of New Milton. After the Saturday, which was very windy and the weather forecast stating the winds will decrease on Sunday, it was decided that the competition should go ahead but sadly in a restricted area which was the Solent only.
56 anglers signed on to a very wet start but for once the forecast was right. The winds dropped and the rain stopped but ubfortunately the fish never appeared. Only 3 codling were weighed in and a couple of thornback rays.
1st Steve barnes a codling of 5lb 1.4oz, 2nd John Baggs a codling of 2lb 9.4oz, 3rd Richard Rickman a codling of 2lb 5.6oz.
1st heaviest other fish a thornback ray weighing 6lb 5oz caught by Bill Devine. 2nd also a thornback ray weighing 6lb 4oz caught by John Sloper.
Unfortunately the team prize was not won and this will be carried over to next year's competition.

B.Devine 1
S.Barnes 2