Club Obituaries.

Denis Curtis 1921 - 2015.

     It is with regret that I have to inform members of the death of Denis Sidney Curtis, who passed away in November 2015, aged ninety-four.  He joined the club in 1947 and right up to his death he still showed an interest in the club, and sending a small annual donation.  In addition to donating his collection of club handbooks going back to 1939 and early photographs to us, he also provided valuable information about the club's early years together with his personal reminisces.  He was a guest at our Annual Dinner and Prize Presentattion in 2009.

     During his many years with the club, he served as Club Secretary from 1949 to 1950;  Club Treasurer from 1962 to 1970; and was Club President from 1972 until 1977.

     Perhaps his biggest angling achievement was the capture of a 43lbs Monkfish {Angel Shark} from Hordle Cliff in September 1949.  He won the NFSA National Gold Medal {Shore Section} with it.

     Our condolences go to his son Denton and to Denis' ex-wife Mrs Molly Ramsey.


                                                                                        Alec Harmer, Chairman


Peter Flicos 1927 - 2020.

     Peter Flicos was born in York on the 21st May 1927 of a Greek father and English mother.  He left school at 15 and did his national service sering in the parachute regiment in Palestine and as a wireless operator.

     He later moved to Christchurch and met his future wife, Patricia Rose Howson at the Bournemouth Pavilion whom he married in 1953.  They had 2 sons, Robert born in 1954 and David born in 1961.  Patricia sadly passed away in 1999.

     Peter moved to Lymington in 1959 while working at Wellworthys and remained there until 1989 when he took early retirement.  He was wicket keeper for Wellworthy cricket team for many years and enjoyed gym workouts and swimming until he was 80.  He was also a keen follower of Southampton Football Club.

     Peter joined Lymington Fishing Club and served on the committee from 1987 until 2001.  He continued to be a club member until his death.  He especiallyliked to go flounder fishing in Keyhaven River.  His best fish was a bass of 9lb 10oz caught in the Solent on the 12th July 1986.

     Robert told me he can remember the time when Peter helped Robert and David in running the Flounder Open competition when the entry was 421 anglers and 87 weighed in 135 flounders.

Peter 1

Rest in Peace Peter.