Vernon Everitt Boat Match League 2019.

Organised by Robin Lane. Contact Robin on 07876 471901.


Saturday 27th July Poole. Saturday 24th August Lymington. Saturday 15th September Poole.

22nd June.

On Saturday 22nd June the club held it's third competition in a series of six Vernon Everitt Boat Match League competitions which are kindly sponsored by Loni's Angling Centre of New Milton. Fifteen club members and one guest left Lymington aboard charter boats "Last Laught" skippered by John Skeggs and "Voyager" skippered by Kevin Duell. This being a competition based on the number a species caught, both skippers set off for their different fishings. First stop was Christchurch Ledge where the target was the smaller species with a good chance of pollack. Then Dolphin Bank for plaice and deeper water for assorted rays and larger species. Among the species caught were also grey and red gurnard, dab and deep coloured bull huss, rays and black bream. Voyager went further west and included in their catch red mullet which gave Richard Day his match win. Thanks to both skippers for an enjoyable day's fishing.
Last Laugh. Finished the day on 16 species caught with Robin Lane catching 12 species and overall highest numbe of points giving him his second overall boat win followed by Paul Hollyoake with 11 species, and then Ben Daniel, Malcolm Stote, Brian Dawkins, Andy Southwick, Paul Wilson and Malcolm Gerrish.
Voyager. Finished with 17 species caught with Richard Day catching 12 species and with the greatest number of fish caught gave him the boat win, closely followed by Ed Taylor on 13 species but fewer fish, followed by Chris Ellis, Martin Bobbett, John Bellamy, Chris Rogers, Vernon Everitt and Karl Bates.
25th May.
On Saturday 25th May the club held it's second of six "Vernon Everitt Match Boat League Competitions" which is kindly sponsored by Loni's Angling Centre, New Milton. 15 club members left Poole Quay onboard charter boats "Boney M2 skippered by Louis Medley and "Mistress Linda" skippered by Phil Higgins. This being a competition based on species count both skippers set off for various fishing grounds.
Fishing first was at various parts of Poole Patch for many mini species that can be found there which inclued several brightly coloured male and female cuckoo wrasse and a scorpion fish. A short move to slightly deeper water pushed up the pointstally with most anglers targeting the bream, and the usual dogfish and pouting.
Another move closer inshore drifting for plaice again proved successful, and finally finishing on the Sadler Bank where tope, smoothhound and small eyed ray were caught. Overall a good days fishing for all, with plenty of banter. Thanks to both skippers, crew and scorers.
Boney M finished with 16 species caught with Chris Ellis catching 12 different species followed by Malcolm Stote on 9. Results: Chris Ellis with his second overall boat win followed by Malcolm Stote, Chris Rogers, Martin Bobbett, Rod Giles, Ben Daniel, Vernon Everitt and Karl Bates.
Mistress Linda finished with 19 species caught and in a close finish saw Ed Taylor and Arran Harmer with 12 species each and Richard Day 11. Results: Ed Taylor with boat win followed by Richard Day, Arran Harmer, Robin Lane, Paul Hollyoake, PaulWilson and Malcolm Gerrish.
14th April.
On Saturday 14th April the club held their first of six "Vernon Everitt Match Boat League Competitions" kindly sponsored by Loni's Angling Centre in New Milton. Fourteen club members left Lymington Yacht Haven on board charter boats "Last Laugh" skippered by John Skeggs and Kenin Duell's "Voyager".
With the forecast giving the wind to be picking up later in the day each skipper decided their choices of fishing venues, which would be over different grounds fishing for varied species over the six hours allocated.
Both skippers initally opted for an area of rough ground looking for smaller species with Ed Taylor scoring with tompot blenny and goby. Robin Lane, Vernon Everitt and Ed Taylor added ballan wrasse. Richard Day and Malcolm Gerrish added whiting to their scorecard. With the dogfish and pout quickly coming on to feed and keeping all busy, moving a short distance produced several larger species with a thornback ray and bullhuss for Robin and pollack for Vernon and Karl Bates. As the tide picked up another move for Voyager produced congers for Robin and Ed, and bullhuss for Karl. Last laugh decided to fish an area of mixed ground which resulted in several plaice for Chris Ellis and Martin Bobbett and a smoothhound for Steve Batchelor. One final move for Voyager produced a small eyed ray for Vernon.
Overall, despite a tough day a good number of species and fish were caught.Results:
1st Robin Lane 154pts {100%} 2nd Chris Ellis 116pts {100%} 3rd EdTaylor 150pts {97.4%} 4th Vernon Everitt 127pts {82.4%}
5th Richard Day 125pts {81.1%} 6th Martin Bobbett 90pts {77.5%} 7th Steve Batchelor 87pts {75%} 8th Mark Bateman 85pts {73.2%}
9th Karl Bates 104pts {67.5%} 10th Arran Harmer 69pts {59.4%} 11th Paul Hollyoake 68pts {58.6%} 12th Malcolm Stote 66pts {56.9%}
13th Malcolm Gerrish 85pts {55.2%} 14th Chris Rogers 70pts {45.5%}