Vernon Everitt Match Boat Competitions 2020. page 2.

3rd Vernon Everitt Match Boat League Competition.

     On Saturday 19th September the club held the third match of the league from Poole, kindly sponsored by Christchurch Angling Centre.  The idea of the league is to test your ability as an all round angler, with different points awarded to different species {up to a maximum of 10 per species} and further points awarded for the number of species caught overall.  An added skill is the management of your bait throughout the day.

     Due to the numbers of members wishing to fish, this match was held aboard four charter boats all of which were chartered from Poole Quay, showing just how popular the league has become.

     Owing to a stiff north-easterly breeze, fishing was mainly contained to fishing inshore around Poole Harbour and close to Bournemouth Pier.  Despite the adverse weather the fishing was very prolific with all boats catching an array of species ranging from plaice, mackerel, scad, garfish and gurnards around the peir, to wrasse, gobies, dragonets, blennies, rays, smoothhound and pouting amongst the rocks on Poole Patch.  However, the best fishing was reserved for the harbour where pollack, wrasse, plaice, gurnards, bass, weaver fish, black bream and gilthead bream were located from a variety of marks.  Notable fish included a red mullet for Arran Harmer and a lively bass for Ben Daniel which provided great sport on light tackle and small hooks!

     Congratulations to all our boat winners on the day including Ed Taylor, Paul Hollyoake, Chris Rogers and Arran Harmer.  The league is really starting to heat up now after three rounds with Arran Harmer {currently on 300%} and Paul Hollyoake {currently on 291%} fighting it out for pole position.

Results by boat:

Lady Margaret.

Ed Taylor 100% {275 pts}

Martin Bobbett 98% {270 pts}

Andy Southwick 75% {188 pts}

Garth Smith 54% {150 pts}

Total species - 14.

Mistress Linda.

Paul Hollyoake 100% {403 pts}

Chris Ellis 79% {340 pts}

---- ----- 76% {331 pts}

---- ----- 58% {253 pts}

Marc Duncan 51% {221 pts}

Total species - 14.

Random Harvest.

Chris Rogers 100% {356 pts}

John Bellamy 72% {257 pts}

Rod Giles 64% {229 pts}

Paul Wilson 53% {191 pts}

Malcolm Gerrish 30% {110 pts}

Total species - 18.

Boney M.

Arran Harmer 100% {366 pts}

Richard Day 98% {360 pts}

Ben Daniel 87% {320 pts}

Robin Lane 75% {277 pts}

Karl Bates 30% {110 pts}

Total species - 21.

Ben Daniel - Arran Harmer Ben Daniel M Boats Andrew Southwick M Boats Arran Harmer -M Boats Paul Wilson M Boats