Vernon Everitt Match Boat Competitions 2020.

Vernon Everitt Match Boat League 12th July 2020.

Due to COVID-19 the league is only just getting underway and due to goverment imposed restrictions relating to the numbers of people who can fish on charter boats it has meant that additional boats were required to accommodate the numbers of anglers wishing to fish.
The first match was fished from Poole on the 12th July aboard "Boney M", "Blue Duo" and "Strongbow" in excellent weather conditions. Each angler was supplied with a bait pack consisting of squid, mackerel and rag worm which Christchurch Angling Centre kindly sponors.
As each of the boats left Poole Harbour, they all headed off to their preferred marks ranging from rock makes, sand/mud banks of drifting in shallow water, frequently changing during the allotted time for the match to maximise the species count. Overall, despite a small neap tide a good number of fish and species were caught including a lot of plaice, gurnards, ray, all wrasse species and a few mackerel.

Results by Boat:

1 Arran Harmer. Match Boats
2 Paul Hollyoake. Match Boats
3 Robin Lane. Match Boats.

Vernon Everitt Match Boat League 15th August.

On Saturday the 15th August the Club held the second match of the league, kindly sponsored by Christchurch Angling Centre. For once the weather was absolutely fanastic with flat calm seas, allowing the skippers alot of flexibility to fish different areas.
The idea of the league is to test your ability as an all round angler, with different points awarded to different species (up to a maximum of 10 per species) and further points awardedfor the number of species caught overall. An added skill is the management of your bait throughout the day.
Due to the number of members wishing to fish, this match was held aboard charter boats from the ports of Lymington {Voyager and Last Laugh} and Poole
{Blue Duo}.
Those fishing from Lymington focused their attention on drifting for plaice {also finding numbers of garfish, gurnard, scad and mackerel} and areas of rough ground which produced a good variety of species including wrasse, bull huss, conger eels, rays, quality bream and mini species. Overall the species count from Lymington ended in 22 species with Arran Harmer and Ben Daniel winning their boats with 380pts and 391pts respectively.
Mean while those fishing from Poole had an equally good day trying a variety of locations both within the harbour, catching plaice, gurnard and wrasse; as well as several marks around Poole Bay, further increasing the species list with rays, bream, more plaice, scad and a multitude of mini species. Overall the species tally from Poole ended on 17 with Paul Hollyoake coming out on top with a very respectable 508pts.
Results by the boat:

Ben Daniel
Ben Daniel 1