Vernon Everitt Match Boat League Competition.

     On the 5th December Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club fished the final match of the 2020 Vernon Everitt Match Boat League aboard Supanova and Snapper at Weymouth.  As the league has expanded, more venues are being introduced to challenge the anglers and enhance the anglers' skills to catch a variety of new species.

     A short weather window enabled the competition to commence, with ten anglers fishing with a limited bait supplied match pack.  This consisted of four squid, three frozen mackerel and 8oz of ragworm all supplied and sponsored by CHRISTCHURCH  ANGLING CENTRE.

     With the knowledge of the conditions deteriorating throughout the day, each skipper decided on a game plan.  After a quick conversation with the crew on Supanova a decision was made to steam out to the foul ground.  It was not long before several species were caught, including bream, pouting, poor cod, whiting, dogfish, congers, bull huss and thornback rays.  With the wind strengthening and the boat beam on against the tide it became a battle between Chris Rogers and Richard Day as to who would come out on top at the first venue.

     Meanwhile Snapper had taken a different tack and went to a wreck situated in the entrance to Portland Harbour called the Hood.  The skipper skilfully drifed the wreck against the tide holding the boat against the current.  Considering it was December bites were instant.  It was obvious that there were a number of fish caught, including ballen wrasse, corkwing wrasse, pouting, pollack, goldsinney wrasse, garfish, mackerel and cuckoo wrasse.  After several drifts, Malcolm Stote and Ed Taylor fished head-to-head to catch as many species as possible, trying to maximise the species bonus points.

     Eventually the wind strengthened and pushed the boat off the wreck, making it unfishable.  A short journey east against the increased sea state meant that both boats had to move to the haven of the inside of Portland Harbour.  With flat calm waters, both boats moved around the harbour either anchring or drifting.

     Despite having to fish the harbour there were still several species to target with mackerel, including gobies, pollack, dragonets, whiting, grey gurnard, and a new species for the league the red band fish.  All were carefully returned to live another day.

     Although adverse conditions inhibited access to most fishing marks, eighteen species were caught between the two boats during the day, showing the potential of the great venue.  Boat winners on the day were Richard Day on Supanova and Ed Taylor on Snapper.  Well done all as the conditions were exceptionally challenging.

     Notable fish of the day for Robin lane was a bull huss of 8lb 8oz and a new club record dragonet for Richard Day of 4 1/8oz.


Vernon Everitt Match Boat Competition Results 2021.


Supanova:                       Points                    %

1.  Richard Day.               333                      100

2.  Chris Rogers.             325                       97.6

3.  Paul Hollyoake.         299                       89.79

4.  Robin Lane.                268                      80.48

5.  Chris Ellis                   232                      69.67    

6.  Ben Daniel.                120                       36.04  

Snapper:                       Points                       %

1.  Ed Taylor.                 265                           100

2.  Malcolm Stote.        223                           84.15

3.  Andy Southwick.     185                            69.81

4.  Karl Bates.                70                             26.42