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Large Boat Competition 7th April.

Ten members headed out into Christchurch Bay for their first large boat competition of the year aboard "Private Venture" skippered by Art Savage. Strong tides and easterly winds necessitated fishing fairly close in. Drifting for pollack and plaice failed to produce any results, so a move further out to anchor over rough ground was tried. This proved to be more productive but the fish had tobe worked for.
Several mini-species were caught, including a good baillons wrasse by club president Derek Smith. Unfortunately for him mini-species are not included in the competition, he was however, compensated later by catching one of only two plaice to be caught on the day. As the tide began to flood one last move was made. Again, sport was slow but resulted inthe best fish of the day in the shape of an undulate ray for Ed Taylor. It weighed in at 12lbs 6oz before being sfely released. Other species caught included tompot blenny, black bream, grey gurnard, dogfish, pouting and whiting.
1st Ed Taylor 60pts, 2nd Paul Hollyoake 42pts, 3rd Roland Blomfield 39pts, 4th Derek Smith 34pts, 5th Mark Duncan 33pts, 6th Arran Harmer 29pts,
7th Jane Hopkins 23pts, 8th Alec Harmer 20pts, 9th Malcolm Gerrish 9pts, 10th Anton Emblen 0pts.