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Large Boat Competitions and Results.

Organised by Alec Harmer

Arran wins late in the day with a double shot. 19th November 2017.

A perfectly timed weather window allowed ten club members to enjoy a warm November's sunshine aboard Private Venture, skippered by Art Savage, for their monthly large boat competition. They were one of forty boats fishing off the Needles, all drawn by the promise of cod. With the strong tide it was decided to fish a gully mark until the tide slackened enough to venture out. Both marks proved slow but steady, producing dogfish, whiting, spotted and thornback rays and conger; the latter noticeably stopped feeding as the ebb tide slackened. Only a few points separated Arran Harmer and Brian dawkins, until a late in the day double shot of a pout and thornback ray put Arran confortably ahead.
1st Arran Harmer 115pts, 2nd Brian Dawkins 97pts, 3rd Alec Harmer 65pts, 4th Roland Blomfield 65pts {lesser number of fish}, 5th 5th Ed Taylor 56pts,
6th Jane Hopkins 46pts, 7th Nelson Phillips 40pts, 8th Harry Gray 38pts, 9th Malcolm Gerrish 18pts, 10th Anton Emblen 0pts.
The Commodore's Cup for the heaviest conger was won by Alec Harmer.
Brian Dawkins wins the day.
Nine club members enjoyed the late September sunshine aboard Private Venture, skippered by Art Savage, on their monthly large boat competition. With the strong tide it was decided to fish a rocky mark in Christchurch Bay until the tide slackened enough to go off the Needles. The first mark produced mainly pout and bull huss, plus a smoothhound.
The second stop produced similar species with strap congers and a whiting and an undersized spotted ray. Alec Harmer managed to catch the only sizeable conger to give him some much needed points. Weed and underwater snags started to become a problem as the ebb tide picked up, so the decision was made to fish a gully nearer the Needles in the hope of an early cod. Unfortunately, cod - and fish in general proved elusive in the final hour. Although a lot of fish were caught during the day, many of the species were undersized and this was reflected in the low scores.
1st Brian Dawkins 49pts; 2nd Alec Harmer 42pts; 3rd Derek Smith 38pts; 4th Pete Drodge 33pts; 5th Malcolm Gerrish 32pts; 6th Jane Hopkins 32pts {lesser number of fish}; 7th Harry Gray 20pts; 8th Roland Blomfield 9pts; 9th Anton Emblen 8pts. Brian Dawkins also the RNLI Challenge Cup, awarded to the winner of a nominated competition.
A hard day's fishing and Robin gets top spot.
A reasonable break in the recent sreies of Atlantic lows was sufficient to allow ten club members to get afloat for their August Large Boat competition aboard Private Venture, skippered by Art Savage.
First stop was the Southbourne Rough area, followed by a move to an off shore bank. Both marks produced fish but predominately they were undersized; the best fish being a just sizeable bass, caught and released by Robin Lane, that earned him some very valuable points as it later transpired. One more move to another off shore bank was made but without a noticeable improvement in the catch rate.
By the afternoon the force four wind against the tide kept the boat broadside to the waves, which caused some problems with lines fouling the anchor rope at times. All in all a hard day's fishing which was reflected in the comparatively low scores. On the plus side, members enjoyed a long distance view of the yachts participating in the Fastnet Race as they crossed Christchurch Bay.
Species caught included bass, dogfish, conger, black bream, tope, pout, scad and mackerl.
1st Robin Lane 68pts, 2nd Jane Hopkins 40pts, 3rd Malcolm Gerrish 34pts, 4th Roland Blomfield 33pts, 5th Alec Harmer 25pts, 6th Anton Emblen 25pts, {lesser number of fish}, 7th Harry Gray 18pts, 8th Derek Smith 14pts, 9th Pete Drodge 8pts, 10th Karl Bates 0pts.
9th July. Weed a problem but Paul wins on the day.
After having had the previous two boat competitions cancelled due to the weather, it was particularly pleasing to be afloat again on Private Venture, skippered by Art Savage, in the hot July sunshine with a refreshing slight southerly breeze.
First stop was the Christchurch Ledge area and several drifts saw mackerel, wrasse, pollack and bream brought aboard before anchoring up. The following couple of hours resulted in a mix of small bream, scad and dogfish and the occasional small tope. With the tide falling off a move was made towards the Needles and this provided more bream and dogfish and a smooth hound. Anothermove followed to a mark outside the Needles and a couple of drifts resulted in three bass. With the anchor down, what promised to be an interesting mark was marred by weed, to the extent that, combined with the strong tide, it became unfishable.
One last move was made closer inshore; however action was noticeably slower than previously, with only a few dogfish and bream obliging.
1st Paul Hollyoake 89pts; 2nd Ed Taylor 80pts; 3rd Robin Lane 80pts {less number of fish}; 4th Brian Dawkins 65pts; 5th Jane Hopkins 59pts;
6th Malcolm Gerrish 50pts; 7th Roland Blomfield 49pts; 8th Alec Harmer 47pts; 9th Derek Smith 45pts; 10th Harry Gray 35pts.
16th April. Jane shows them how to do it.
Easter Sunday marked the first large boat competition of the year and tenmembers headed for Christchurch Ledge in the spring sunshine aboard Private Venture, skippered by Art Savage.
Several drifts over the ledge produced plump pollack for everyone, before anchoring up. The main target was bream, which accordingly obliged, particularly for the anglers fishing towards the stern of the boat; indeed this catching pattern was to persist throughout the rest of the day with the remaining anglers finding it hard to attract bites.
Towards slack water a move was made eastwards, but infortunately the ebb tide combined with a force 5 westerly made for a cold and uncomfortable afternoon's session with bites proving few and far between. Species caught during the day included undulate ray, dogfish, conger, black bream, plaice, pollack and smoothhound.
1st Jane Hopkins 107pts, 2nd Derek Smith 92pts, 3rd Robin Lane 80pts, 4th Brian Dawkins 68pts, 5th Malcolm Gerrish 62pts, 6th Alec Harmer 54pts, 7th Arran Harmer 47pts, 8th Roland Blomfield 45pts, 9th Pete Drodge 39pts, 10th Harry Gray 29pts.