Large Boat Competitions and Results.

Organised by Alec Harmer

Sunday 5th August.

With the continuing hot settled weather and a neap tide, ten members headed out to an off shore wreck as the target for their August competition, aboard "Private Venture", skippered by Art Savage.
Drifting the wreck produced a few mackerel and scad before anchoring up. Initially bream and pout obliged and as the tide eased, the conger took over, with pout proving a killer bait. In all fifteen were caught and released, with several more hooked and lost.
Other species caught included thornback skate, dogfish, tope and smoothhound, plus a very nice edible crab caught by Robin Lane. The trip was not without incdent. Two rods got broken, several sets of tackle were lost in the wreck and right at the end of the day, Arran Harmer was unlucky enough to end up with a hook in his finger whilst helping to unhook a conger. A big 'thank you' to the nurses at the Minor Injuries Unit at Lymington Hospital for successfully removing it.
1st Steve Batchelor 187pts, 2nd Arran harmer 109pts, 3rd Jane Hopkins 85pts, 4th Robin Lane 84pts, 5th Brian Dawkins 73pts, 6th Alec Harmer 49pts,
7th Malcolm Gerrish and Roland Blomfield 33pts, 9th Harry Gray 20pts, 10th Derek Smith 13pts.

Sunday 15th July.
Eight club members enjoyed the current hot spell aboard "Private Venture" skippered by Art Savage, for their monthly large boat competition. Avoiding the large spring tide, the first stop was off Christchurch Ledge drifting for pollack, which duly obliged. Anchoring up saw a steady flow of dogfish, black bream and small scad for the anglers before the tide eased enough to venture further out. This new mark fished better with plenty of small bream and spotted rays, mackerel, dogfish and a single smoothhound. The freshening breeze in the afternoon provided some respite from the searing heat.
1st Steve Batchelor 122pts; 2nd Jane Hopkins 100pts; 3rd Arran Harmer 99pts; 4th Derek Smith 75pts; 5th Malcolm Gerrish 60pts; 6th Brian Dawkins 59pts;
7th Alec Harmer 46pts.
Sunday 24th June. {Albert Humphries Memorial Trophy}.
On Sunday 24th June 10 club members boarded Arthur Savages charter boat " Private Venture" for their June Large Boat competition. With good weather and favourable tides the plan was to first try for some mackerel and then head out off the Needles.
With sufficient fresh bait, first stop was to a deeper water mark and fish last of the tide before heading to a mark 6 miles further out. Both spots proved productive with a good assortment of catches. Along with the numerous pout and dogfish were some better sized fish including black bream, bass, smoothhound, tope, turbot and various rays.
Best catch of the day went to Jane Hopkins who after a long struggle landed a blonde ray of just over 20lbs. Brian Dawkins and Roland Blomfield caught assorted rays and new member Andrew Foster caught a turbot.
1st Roland Blomfield 77pts (more fish); 2nd Brian Dawkins 77pts; 3rd Jane Hopkins 70pts; 4th Derek Smith 56pts; 5th Arran Harmer 54pts (more fish);
6th Andrew Foster 54pts; 7th Malcolm Gerrish 41pts; 8th Harry Gray 34pts; 9th Nelson Phillips 31pts; 10th Anton Emblen 0pts.

Sunday 27th May.
On a glorious Bank Holiday Sunday, with temperatures well into the twenties and a calm sea state, eight club members fished their may competition off the Needles, aboard "Private Venture" skippered by Art savage. Three different marks were explored during the competition, all producing a mixed bag of species which included black bream, conger eel, dogfish, pouting, thornback ray, scad and smoothhound.
Club president Derek Smith had a near specmen pouting; only just missing out on the useful points by just over half an ounce. Other notable fish were a black bream of 2lb 9.6oz and a near specimen scad of 1lb 6.2oz, both caught by Jane Hopkins. Roland Blomfield was rewarded with a very nice lobster.
1st Malcolm Gerrish 71pts, 2nd Arran Harmer 67pts, 3rd Brian Dawkins 61pts (more fish), 4th Jane Hopkins 61pts, 5th Alec Harmer 47pts, 6th Roland Blomfield 38pts, 7th Derek Smith 34pts,
8th Anton Emblen 24pts.
Sunday 29th April.
Competion was cancelled due to the weather.