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Large Boat Competition 14th July.

With the continuing warm weather, a cloudy sky for most of the day provided a pleasent fishing experience for nine club members for their July large boat competition aboard "Private Venture" skippered by Art Savage. First stop was off the Needles for mackerel and then onto Freashwater Bay to anchor up on a mark which produced a nice 4lb-plus pollack for the commodore Alec Harmer, as well as an undulate ray just under 15lbs for Roland Blomfield. Several nice black bream were also caught and everyone was treated to the sight of two dolphins breaking the surface. After lunchtime as the breeze and tide picked up a move was made to an area of rough ground at the back of The Shingles. Bull huss put in an appearance and Ed Taylor twice lost a good fish.
The end of the day saw a final move further west to drift for plaice. Sport was slow as the tide slackened off but a few plaice obliged with the occasional red gurnard and dogfish and several mini-species. Fish caught included black bream, bull huss, conger eel, dogfish, mackerel, plaice, pollack, pouting, red gurnard, scad, spotted and undulate rays. At hte end of an excellent day there were only a couple of points difference between some of the positions.
1st Arran Harmer 94pts, 2nd Alec Harmer 75pts, 3rd Derek Smith 73pts, 4th Jane Hopkins 72pts, 5th Roland Blomfield 48pts, 6th Ed Taylor 44pts,
7th Malcolm Gerrish 43pts, 8th Brian Dawkins 11pts, 9th Anton Emblen 0pts.