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Large Boat Competition 8th September.

On Sunday 8th September the club held a Large Boat competition in which nine club members enjoyed the fine early September's weather aboard "Private Venture" skippered by Art Savage. The competition was a game in two halves with the morning spent targeting plaice, which duly obliged with nearly everyone vatching a few, together with mackerel, scad and garfish. Also Ed Taylor had a small turbot while we were drifting for plaice.
With the tide easing, a move was made to a wreck in Freshwater Bay, which produced a flurry of decent-sized pout. A further move to a bank was followed by a final move to another wreckfurther offshore. The afternoon's flooding tide seemed to quieten things down compared to earlier in the day.
For once no dogfish were caught on the competition. A small tope was caught by Arran Harmer and a strap conger fell to Nelson Phillips. Perhaps the best fish of the day was a black bream of2lb 13oz caught by Roland Blomfield on a scad head!
1st Ed Taylor 120pts, 2nd Arran Harmer 116pts, 3rd Jane Hopkins 101pts, 4th Roland Blomfield 60pts,
5th Ben Daniel 44pts, 6th Derek Smith 38pts, 7th Alec Harmer 34pts, 8th Nelson Phillips 15pts.