Large Boat Competitions 2020        fishing aboard Private Venture.

organised by: Alec Harmer 01590-674045.

1st Large Boat Competition 1st December.

     It was a case of third time lucky for club members when they managed to get afloat for their December competition aboard Private Venture, skippered by Art Savage.  With the two previous monthly competitions having had to be cancelled due to the weather, strong force five winds on this occasion were from a north-easterly direction, resulting in the sea state being quite reasonable.

     A mark just off the Needles was initially chosen and this produced congers up to 25lbs as well as just sizeable whiting, dogfish and rays.  As the tide eased, a move was made further out and this produced a few pouting in addition to the earlier species caught.  Altogether the fishing was slow but steady throughout the day.


1st Arran Harmer 74pts, 2nd Malcolm Gerrish 70pts, 3rd Alec harmer 59pts, 4th Ed Taylor 55pts,

5th Derek Smith 34pts, 6th Brian Dawkins 28pts, 7th Colin Saunders 11pts.

The Large Boat champion for 2019 was Ed Taylor with Arran Harmer as runner-up.

Alec Harmer.


I would like to inform all members that the Large Boat competition which was due to held on Sunday 26th July had to cancelled due to high winds which were blowing force 5 & 6.

5th Large Boat Competition 30th August.

     Having not been able to get afloat at all so far this year due to Covid-19 and bad weather, it was with a feeling of relief that six club members were at last able to enjoy a trip aboard Private Venture, skippered by Art Savage.  A stiff northerly breeze gradually eased throughout the day and the sun eventually broke through to warm things up.  Sport was sready rather than manic.  The morning was spent at anchor a few miles off the Needles.  

     It was a pleasent surprise to see whiting so early in the season.  Although small, they were very welcome and hopefully a sign of better things to come later this year.  The turn of the tide signalled a move to Christchurch Ledge in the hope of some bream.  Unfortunately the few that were caught were only just sizeable and were returned.  The decision was them taken to drift for plaice, which unfortunately only produced a few.

     Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable outing and just great to be back out fishing again.  Species caught were bass, conger, pouting, scad, whiting, plaice, black bream and dogfish.


1st Alec Harmer 59pts,  2nd Roland Blomfield 54pts,  3rd Jane Hopkins 43pts,  4th Nelson Phillips and Malcolm Gerrish 29 points, 5th Marc Duncan 35pts.


Large Boat Competition 18th October.

     A perfectly timed weather window allowed club mmbers to enjoy their October large boat competition aboard Art Savage's Private Venture.  With a big tide it was decided to fish a mark to the west of Christchurch Bay until the tide slacened enough to venture off the Needles.

     The first mark saw plenty of dogfish and strap congers, plus a couple of rays, the best - a particularly nicely marked thornback skate - falling to club president Derek Smith.  Both he and Arran Harmer managed to catch congers that were just sizeable, Arran's being slightly bigger, and enough forhim to win the Commodore's Cup for the heaviest conger.  Perhaps the highlight of the day was watching sevaral pods of porpoises breaking the surface as they moved slowly across the bay.  The second move produced a similar variety of species, with the addition of a few small whiting and pouting.

     As the tide picked up the final move was to the Shingles to drift for bass.  Whilst everyone made contact with them, only a few proved to be sizeable.


1st Arran Harmer 110pts, 2nd Derek Smith 87pts, 3rd Jane Hopkins 64pts, 4th Malcolm Gerrish 47pts, 5th Alec Harmer 35pts and 6th Roland Blomfield 11pts.

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