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Junior Shore Competitions. Organised by David Graham.

Ollie Savin has a fantastic evening.

On Friday 6th October we held a Junior Winter League assisted competition match 2 at Avon Beach. 3 juniors signed on and all 3 caught a total of 13 fish for a total length of 356cm and all had a very good evening.
1st Ollie Savin 9 fish, 6 species for 270cm, 2nd Leo Chamberlain 2 fish, 1 species for 45cm, 3rd Max Munden 2 fish, 2 species for 41cm.
Longest fish was an undulate ray of 91cm, 8lb 6oz caught by Ollie Savin. 2nd longest fish was a smoothhound of 41cm caught by Ollie Savin.
All fish were returned alive.
All the Juniors have a great evening.
On Friday evening 18th August we held a Junior Summer League competition. Due to the strong winds the match was to be held on Milford Shingle Bank was moved into the back water wheren small bass dominated the competition.
7 junoirs signed on and all 7 caught fish. The competition was fished in 2 sections, assisted fishing and solo fishing.
Assisted fishing match 4 results:
15 fish were caught for a total length of 245cm.
1st Ollie Savin 5 fish 85cm, 2nd Flora Munden 5 fish 80cm, 3rd Max Munden 3 fish 46cm, 4th Leo Chamberlain 2 fish 34cm.
1st longest round fish was a bass of 20cm caught by Ollie Savin. 2ndlongest round fish was a bass of 18cm caught by Leo Chamberlain.
Solo fishing match 4 results.
38 fish were caught for a total length of 642cm.
1st Riley Price 17 fish 318cm, 2nd Bradley Mapstone 11 fish 174cm, 3rd Owen Strange 10 fish 150cm.
1st longest round fish was a bass of 31cm caught by Rilay Price. 2nd longest round fish was a bass of 22cm caught by Bradley Mapstone.
All the fish caught on this competition were returned to the sea.

Pennington Sea Wall 7th July.
On Friday evening the held a junior competition on Pennington Sea Wall which was kindly organised by David Graham. The weather on the evening was fine, dry and sunny with light winds. Three juniors fished the competition which gave hectic sport from the start with bass and bream showing in numbers. A total of 52 fish were caught with a total length of 10m 79cm. All the fish were measured and released alive.
Best longest round fish was a bass of 28cm caught by Riley Price.
1st Riley Price 23 fish, 2 species for 481cm, 2nd Owen Strange 18 fish, 2 species for 375cm, 3rd Bradley Mapstone 11 fish, 2 species for 223cm.
Magazine Lane 5th May.
A testing night at Magazine Lane, the first venue of the 2017 Junior Summer League for the Club's juniors. A strong easterly wind made the going tough but the fish were obliging and the juniors were soon catching. Within half an hour all the anglers had fish recorded on their match cards.
Pout and whiting were the most common species on the night, with Riley Price showing the way with double and treble shots from the off. Flora Munden was the first to add a different species, with a good dogfish of 53cm, weighing in at 1lb 4oz. Leo Chamberlain added a smoothhound of 40cm to the species tally shortly afterwards to break the constant cycle of pout and whiting.
The three solo anglers, Riley Price, Bradley Mapstone and Owen Strange were enjoying great sport by the midway point in the match, Riley was leading the way but Bradley and Owen were hot on his heels and swopped second and third positions between themselves with each fish landed.
Amongst the assisted anglers everything was fairly even but a great late run of fish including a dogfish of 55cm and an eel of 49cm pushed Robert Savin ahead of the pack leaving his brother Ollie and Leo Chamberlain to battle over second spot. Flora Munden's early run of fish had slowed up allowing her brother Max to creep ahead with a steady run of good sized pout late in the match.
All in all a great first match and really looking forward to seeing you all at Steamer Point on 9th June.
Solo Match 1.
1st Riley Price 20 fish, 2 species for 349cm. 2nd Bradley Mapstone 16 fish, 2 species for 292cm. 3rd Owen Strange 11 fish, 3 species for 249cm.
Longest round fish was a dogfish of 51cm caught by Owen Strange.
Total number of fish 47. Total length 8m 90cm.
Assisted Match 2.
1st Robert Savin 16 fish, 4 species 334cm. 2nd Leo Chamberlain 9 fish, 3 species 191cm. 3rd Ollie Savin 10 fish, 2 species 186cm. 4th Max Munden 7 fish, 2 species 132cm. 5th Flora Munden 4 fish, 2 species 105cm.
Longest round fish was a dogfish of 55cm caught by Robert Savin.
Total number of fish 46. Total length 9m 40cm.
Report sent in by David Graham.