Inter Club Competitions 2019.

     On Saturday 15th June the club heldit's first Inter Club competition against Test Valley Angling Club.  The competition was based on our Match Boat League where species count.  Both teams consisted of 4 anglerts each.  For Lymington we had Robin Lane, Chris Ellis, Ed Taylor and Paul hollyoake.  For Test Valley Gary Dennis, Paul Raper, Alan Painter and J. Ford.  Once all aboard charter boat "Strongbow" out of Poole skippered by Dick Peckham, with a strong south westerly wind blowing 5 to 6 we were restricted as to where we could fish.  At the first stop Lymington went into an early lead with various fish being caught and Test Valley only managed to bring in a few dogfish.

     The 2nd stop was over more rocky ground where Test Valley closed the gap and made a bit of a comeback.  As the weather was still bad it was decided to drift for a bit where both teams managede to increase their tally.

     At the last drop of the anchor which was by the mouth of Poole Harbour Lymington managed to pull ahead when the pouting came on to feed.  After an hour time was called by scorer Malcolm Stote and we headed for home.  On the way back the points were all added up and Lymington won the day with 11 different species caught and 288 points, Test Valley had 6 different species caught for 205 points.  As this was the first inter club competition held and on home ground the next might be very different when Test Valley choose where to fish.  Thanks to Dick Peckham and his son for taking us out in such challenging conditions.


Lymo vs Test Valley. Club-Header-redrawn-blue-02