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Clubs Tackle Evening Reports.


Tackle Evenings are helping me.

I would just like to say how as an angler I have improved with the advent of regulat "Tackle Evenings". When I first took up boat angling a few years ago my only rig would be 30lbs hook length, large hook and a piece of mackerel for bait and a short stiff rod. Caught some fish mainly dogfish but but never gave it a thought as to why other people were catching more and different species, I still enjoyed my day's out but started to realise there was more to this.
With these thoughts in my head I was pleased that the club decided to hold Tackle Evenings with the idea of passing on information to people wanting to learn more about all aspects of fishing, both boat and shore.
These evenings are organised and run by very experienced anglers who volunteer to give their knowledge, hints and tips to all. I saw from the start I had a lot of catching up up to do and took notice, making rigs of my own from ones I had been given, at the same time wondering how these lighter lines, smaller hooks and swivels would stand up. One evening was all about the many rods and reels now available, again much lighter and easier to handle, another baits and presentation.
After a few trips I could notice the difference all my new knowledge was making and started to catch more fish and different species, My new found confidence has meant I can go fishing and expect to be able to catch my target fish and even try competition events.
A personal thank you to all who have helped me and are still doing so.
Malcolm Gerrish.