Founded in 1936 and affiliated to the Angling Trust.

Links Page.

Lymington Harbour Commissioners. 

This is one group of people who have helped me and the Club with our boat opens. Who also look after the slipway and keep it tidy. So please click Here to visit there very good web site for tide info for the Lymington area.

BHG Marine. 

Have helped us over the years by being the No1 Yamaha agent in our area and sponsoring us with many boat Opens over the years. So please click Here to go to their web site and see for yourself.

As many of our club members fish from boats we have been contacted by Mr Mark Thompson who is senior awareness coordinator for Mark believes that our club members would find the information on their site quite pertinent and eye opening. Our mission at maritimehelp is to provide the public with accurate and up to date information on the many aspects of maritime rights and maritime law. So if any club member has any queries drop them an email. Or have a look at there web site by clicking HERE.