Boat Match League 2018. Organized by Ed Taylor and Robin Lane. Kindly sponsored by Loni's Angling Centre.

Due to the increasing popularity of this competition anyone interested in fishing this league next year should contact Ed Taylor 07711 378984 before 30th October, so we can organise another boat for the series.
A deposit of £18.00 will be required to fish the series. The cost of each trip will be £? per head with bait sulllied.

Date. Port. Boat. Start.
Saturday April 7th. Lymington. Voyager. 8.00am.
Saturday May 12th. Poole. Mistress Linda. 8.00am.
Sunday June 17th. Lymington. Voyager. 8.00am.
Sunday July 22nd. Poole. Mistress Linda. 8.00am.
Saturday August 18th. Lymington. Voyager. 8.00am.
Sunday September 9th. Poole. Mistress Linda. 8.00am.