Wessex Angling Trust Boat Champion of Champions 2019.

     On the 5th October at the port of Lymington, forty anglers boarded four boats including Private Venture, Last Laugh, Ocean Runner and Kell's Hero.  This was the chosen venue for the 2019 Wessex Angling Trust Champion of Champions.  The competition is based on club champions from all over the Wessex regon clubs competing against each other on a points system to enable fish to be returned, unless they were being kept for the table.  The points system was based on ten of each species, the first five counting for maximum points, and the remaining five as one point, with each angler receiving an identical bait pack to ensure everyone had a level playing field.

     Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club had three different anglers representing the club this year,  Chris Ellis, Arran harmer and Ed Taylor, with other anglers fishing a combined competition as individual affiliated members of the Angling Trust.

     A lucky hole in the weather enabled the competition to go ahead, but the clarity of the water wasn't great.  However, a great day was had by all, including a highlight of the day of a huge shoal of bass working on thr top of Christchurch ledge.  Many species were caught over the day, and a great deal of fun was had by all the anglers fishing.

     Once back at port, we retired back to the Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club clubhouse, where Mrs Moddy and Sue Moody laid on a fantastic spread of food, whilst we awaited theresults.  Ed Taylor was presented the overall winner of the Champion of Champions for 2019, closely followed by Martin Bobbet as runner up, Paul Hollyoake in fifth place and Chris Ellis in eighth.

     What a result for our club.  This just shows how well we have progressed as a club over the last few years as Match Boat anglers.  With the help of tackle evenings, and individual day tuition we should be very proud od what we have worked towards.

     Well done to you all.  Report sent in by Ed Taylor.

Ed Taylor. Club-Header-redrawn