Founded in 1936 and affiliated to the Angling Trust.

Shingle Bank Competitions for 2019/20.

Tuesday 3rd December, Monday 20th January, Wednesday 19th February, Thursday 19th March, Thursday 16th April, Wednesday 13th May, Tuesday 30th June, Thursday 30th July, Tuesday 25th August, Monday 28th September, Monday 26th October, Thursday 12th November, Tuesday 8th December.

Win-Sum League Competitions. Organised by Colin Saunders for more information please contact Colin on mobile 0780 2511 522.

Win-Sum League - This is a bait supplied, pegged beach league consisting of 8 competitions, with an entry fee of £48 and a match fee of £10 which includs optional pools for longest round and longest flat fish of the night.

Win-Sum League Competitions for 2019/20.

Wednesday 11th March Calshot, Wednesday 22nd April Hordle Cliff, Wednesday 20th May Highcliffe, Tuesday 16th June Shingle Bank, Wednesday 22nd July Harbour Road, Wednesday 19th August Lymington Sea Wall, Wednesday 16th September Warren Edge, Wednesday 14th October Steamer Point, November ?? Bonus match TBA